Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hearts Day with Friends!

Febuary 14, it was hearts day again. No love ones beside us... yeah, i called it VALENTINES WITHOUT YOU!

I'm with my friends last valentines day. It was a happy night with them, I enjoy and no regrets being with them. I choose to hang out rather than pouring some rain from my eyes.

Yeah, you know veradik when I am so dramatic... no limits of tears flowing. This time my valentines most likely im alive, no more tears I tried not to cry but still I cried.

After the night, as went home and tried to sleep... I can't still help my self but to cry, missing YOU, yes YOU my Labs and Bugoy.

Thanks to you guys, for making my day great.

Veradik, Adrian, Lee

Hanney, Lee

Hanney, Veradik

Single ladies: Veradik, Jane, Hanney, Lee

Lee, Adrian

Adrian, Veradik

L-R: Hanney, Jane, Lee

Love You Guys!

Happy Valentines My Labs!

It's better be late than never. Never forgotten it's a hearts day few days ago, Happy Valentines Labs ko.

Celebrating hearts day without you is very hard, seeing couples happy together everywhere. Knowing that I'll still count many more days to be with you on the day of hearts, the day of LOVERS.

I'm used to kiss you everyday, now even touching your lips it's a dream. I wan't to wishper to your ear how much I miss you, missing someone like you makes my heart ache.

Distance is our fate today, don't know how long are we gonna pray and dream for each other to stay togther and live forever.

I wanna be home, I wanna be with you.

I love you not only when it's hearts day, I love you everyday and forever.

I Love You Labs Ko!
I Love You Kirk Ko!

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

tagged: from MoMMycOOL

The Rules:
You need to list 5 addictions and pass this tag/award to your friends.
-- I can't give my 5 addictions for now I have 3 of mine.

First in my list, of course, my dear Mark and Kirk. They are my addictions from the start and will be forever.
Having them makes me complete.
Love you Papa Marko and Kirk

Ang tropang PEPE, yeah, they are my crowds. They are my barkada. We used to call us PEPE, dunno how it happens but we are happy to call as PEPE.
We met later last year, we worked on the same factory where I worked.
We clicked and here we are, hangging and bonding together.
L-R: Percy, Eric, Veradik, Diane, Lea, Andrew, Lee, Jane, Adrian

I can't still deny my addictions with chocolate... now that everyday I can eat free chocolates at work.
Lovin' chocolates...

Thanks for the tagged mommycool, ateganda!
This tagged is free for all, I am passing this to everyone. Feel free to grabbed.