Sunday, August 30, 2009

i miss you!

"He told me, his tired of waiting. He has no idea that I am tired than he was. Tired of waking up without him, tired of sleeping in my bed without him at my side. I am tired of crying when I am down bcoz YOU are not here to keep my spirit alive. I am tired bein' away from YOU! I want you so bad. I miss you so much. :( " iloveyou


Nash said...

verang adik! jusko natatandaan mo pa ba ako?


Nash said...

ui vera thank you :)

weee salamat naman at natatandaan mo pa ako! ampness

ellen said...

Greetings! May I request you to replace my old links to a new one for reaching out blog and for deepdown the hearts hoping for your immediate action for this matter so that we can have continious communication. See you around. Miss you. God bless.