Monday, October 27, 2008

Autmn In My Heart

Enjoying the colours of Autmn Season with good friend Lee.

Missin' you guys! Pardon me if I can't update my blog, never thought I could be busy this time. Here's some photos that will make you updated.

Have a nice week!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

PAIN is subject of L-O-V-E

Love can be in many ways, love can be subject in our lives. Love can be so powerful, love can rule us. But L-O-V-E can give PAIN.

Have you ever wonder you’ll be hurt when you love? Of course not, all we know everything will be perfect when you love someone, and love can give us happiness in the end.

How will you say, that’s my “MAN” if he hurts you so bad? How will you explain he’ll not leave you, when he always walked away? How will you say, he loves you much, if your expecting nothing from him? How will you say, “please stay” if he doesn’t love you anymore?

How will you move on, in his LOVE? How?

Love causes more pain. The more we love, the more we get hurt. The question, are we still ready to get hurt and to love more? It’s only YOU’RE HEART can say that, it’s only YOU who can say… I CAN STILL LOVE despite of PAIN you caused me.

Set your HEART when you love again, don’t expect too much. Expect more friendship reletaionship between you and the guy, but don’t expect that he’ll LOVE YOU as you wish in him. Don’t expect that everything will be perfect ‘coz it can’t be perfect.

To you my dear friend, always remember… once in your life you cried because you LOVED someone. And now, I know your waiting for someone who will give LOVE to you, and I know your waiting. Just dont forget, “it can’t be love with out pain”.

Forget your past and learn for it, gurl.

Here’s a poem for you, you inspired me today and I wrote something from my heart for you. ‘Ope you like it.


Looking back the memoirs, feeling so bliss
Knowing you is my gladness
Remembering all the days with you is my happiness
Loving you can be payless

I thought you’d love me, as me
Never thought I could be so empty
I consider You and Me will be true
Now I’m falling out of blue

We promised to say, I do
But where are you, now that I need you?
We promised that ‘till the end
We’ll sleep in one bed

How can I say nothing from you?
If I still love you
But what can I do?
I am not your beau

How can I move, if you’re still in my groove?
Thinking how can I live so freely, knowing that I’m so uneasy?
I want to be free and to love again
I’ll take this as a subject, to not fall out of love again


Monday, October 13, 2008

Trip @ Muskoka, Canada

Enjoying the view of Autumn in Muskoka, Canada with my bakasyonistang Lolo and Lola.