Monday, June 30, 2008

featured song: My Idea of Heaven by Leigh Nash

I was browsing the youtube when I met Leigh Nash and her so so sooooooo heartbreaking and soulbreaking song, My Idea of Heaven.

When I first hear the song, omg! fell in love with the song, I google the lyrics and finally found it.

The lyrics are simple but straight to the heart, the beat, tempo are very relax to ears.

And I dedicate this song to my 2 boys in life that makes me in heaven when I'm with them. They make me inlove always.

Featured song/video of the week and its lyrics.
(scroll down to watch the video)

My Idea of Heaven by Leigh Nash

I never thought I'd get here
I was so far away
I didn't believe in love
Thought it was just a game people play
Everything changed when I met you
I touched your hand
You took my heart
And you led me to a better place
Just the two of us in the dark

This is my idea of Heaven lying here with you
This is my idea of Heaven nothing else I'd rather do

I never thought you'd get here
Why'd you make me wait?
But when I looked into your eyes
I recognized you were my fate
I'd been living in a lonely shell
With no windows to the world
How in God's name did you find the lone star's loneliest girl?

This is my idea of Heaven lying here with you
This is my idea of Heaven nothing else I'd rather do
To feel you heart beating
To feel our lips meeting
This is my idea of Heaven ooooo

In Heaven love is everywhere
There is no pain there are no tears
In Heaven love lasts forever
It doesn't disappear

This is my idea of Heaven lying here with you
This is my idea of Heaven nothing else I'd rather do
To feel you heart beating
To feel our lips meeting
This is my idea of Heaven ooooo
This is my idea of Heaven lying here with you

Saturday, June 28, 2008

"KATUWAAN LANG PO" no malice...

Last night, I had a usual chit chat with my dear friend sa ym, almost 12 midnyt na ako pinatulog ng mokong, kulitan to the max, lol.
He shared a video to me, a magic show. Indeed it was amazing show, kahit ba medyo censored ang dating but if you'll look at what she's doing there's no malice at the video.
I think for how many times before I end up sharing this video to you guys, ala namang below 18 na blogger dito diba? kung meron man... its up to you to watch this. And besides, kaya ako nag dadalawang isip kasi I have a good friend na di nya pwdeng makita to, na palaging nadadaan dito sa blog ko, kasi nga bawal sa kanya ang mga censored clips (sorry kuyaDOM!) ayaw ko mag kasala ka, dahil sa akin. Forgive me!

Friday, June 27, 2008

meaning of -VeRaDiK-

<--- Oh, for goodness sake, I'm not into this!

Yeah! I'm into them for sure!

i love you!!!
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Thursday, June 26, 2008

i feel nothing... "paramdam ka naman!"


10:20 pm I want to sleep...

I cant sleep coz im so sick...

thinking of nothing...

feeling so shit!...

its hard to think of you...

coz there's nothing Hello's from you...

I tried to reach you...

Your out of reach when i feel to say I LOVE YOU!...

"paramdam ka naman!"

... kc miss kita nang sobra, di ko alam kung na miss mo ba ako, almost a week na tayong walang communication, im not used it!
... i tried to understand this situation, but i cant. my mind keeps on thinking stupid and im scared that my thoughts would be true, please dont!

mahal na mahal kita!

na miss lang kita kaya emot nanaman ako... (crying)


bisita: Fr. Loreto Sanoy DCC

Fr. Loreto Sanoy DCC was here last June 21-25. Supposedly, he will attend the convention in Quebec City but since his visa released late, he stayed here in Mississauga in our house.
(click the photos to make it big)
(Tito, Tita, Fr. Sanoy and Timmy)

(Tita, Fr. Sanoy and Me)

We haven’t enjoy much of his visit here, he doesn’t want to go around, he just want to stay at home instead.

Fr. Loreto Sanoy DCC is the parish priest of Parang, Maguindanao where my grandparents home. Fr. Sanoy baptized Kirk Zeus too.

(Fr. Sanoy hits the ball)

Before he went home last Wednesday, we spend the last afternoon at the Golf Range; Fr. Sanoy played as well as my Tito and my cousin Timmy “hanggang tinggin lng ako don’t know how to swing the golf club”.

(Timmy and Tito with their golf clubs)

After a 1 hour golfing, we ate at the Imperial Buffet. We indeed enjoy the buffet, the yummy foods and especially their specialty the “crabs” that makes us full.

(Tito, Tita and Timmy)

Fr. Loreto Sanoy DCC, left Canada yesterday, we hope he will come again and visit us.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

my medicine...

Summer is my fave season at all, I can wear tops, mini skirts, shorts skirts. And the most is I can go to the places I want, party all night, malling all day, not like when it's winter, I stayed at home for the whole season.

Last weekend, as always, I didn't stay at home. I went out with friends, hang out with them until night. In this activities I can forget my worries and be happy.

"Hangging around with friends is my medicine, with them I can shortly foreget my depression and stress, with them the real VERA is coming out from her shell and bombs away."

Sa mga nakakakilala sa akin, the real VERA, they know what I've been through this days. I can say it's very hard but still I am surviving everyday of my life, have hopes every morning as I woke up.

Monday, June 23, 2008

tagged: Travel to 7 Continents

I got a tagged from besprenGBex, thanks bess! Gagawin ko na tag mo habang di pa busy ang byuti ko, lolz

Im tagging:

Rules :

1. Start Copy from "Begin Copy" until "End Copy".

2. Put your blog's name and url write in which continent you live, add the country you live in. Example : My Imaginary Travels (Netherlands)

3. Leave your url post in here and I'll add you to the Master List.

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Master List :

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C. Africa : 1. your turn

D. North America : 1.
Vera and her Addicts (Canada) your turn

E. South America : 1. your turn

F. Europe : 1.
My Imaginary Travels (Netherlands)
Juliana's Site (Netherlands)
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4. your turn

G. Antarctica : 1. your turn

featured song: Im Yours by Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz (born June 23, 1977) is an American singer, born and raised in Mechanicsville, Virginia. Though he did not pick up the guitar until the age of 18, his musical appetite was strong. After a brief stint studying musical theater in New York, he moved to San Diego. There he became a hit on the Southern California club scene, playing with percussionist Toca Rivera. He now resides in Los Angeles. His clear, strong tenor voice and easygoing, optimistic lyrics gained critical and popular acclaim in 2003 when his first single, "The Remedy (I Won't Worry)" began getting regular play on radio, MTV and VH1, boosting the sales of his debut release, Waiting for My Rocket to Come. Since then, Mraz has played with the likes of Bob Dylan, Dave Matthews Band, Paula Cole, and Jewel.

"Jason Mraz and his song Im Yours is the featured song of the week, enjoy the song and sing with me as always. "


well you done done me and you bet i
felt it
i tried to get you but you're so hot
that i melted
i fell right through the cracks
and i'm trying to get back
before the cool done run out
i'll be giving it my bestest
nothin's going to stop me but devine intervention
i reckon its again my turn to win some or learn some

i won't hesitate no more no more it cannot wait, i'm yours
well open up your mind and see like me
open up your plans and damn you're free
look into your heart and you'll find love love love
listen to the music of the moment maybe sing with me
ah la peaceful melody
its your god
forsaken right to be loved
love loved love love

so i won't hesitate no more
no more it cannot wait i'm sure
theres no need to complicate
our time is short
this is our fate, i'm yours

i been spending way too long checking my tongue in the mirror
and bendin over backwards just to try to see it clearer
my breath fogged up the glass
so i drew a new face and laughed
i guess what i'm sayin is there ain't no better reason
to rid yourself of vanity and just go with the season
sits what we aim to do
our name is our virtue

i won't hesitate no more
no more it cannot wait i'm sure
theres no need to complicate
our time is short
it cannot wait, i'm yours

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I WAV YOU! myspace graphic comments
... wala lang! just wanna say I WAV YOU!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Tukso: "stranger"

(Gilbert, 27 yo)


You’re a stranger; am I in danger?
I just knew; few of you
I saw a light when you smile
Is this real? Or am I in deal?

You talked; I walked
You shout; I doubt
You touch; I was ouch
You’re a stranger; am I in danger?

You’re a purpose? Or a caused?
You’re hot but I’m not into that
You’re gorgeous; yet dangerous
You’re a stranger; am I in danger?

Stranger you’re so gentle; I can’t handle
You’re so sweet; I’m so weak
Touch me not; even I want
You’re a stranger; am I in danger?


Yes, he is a stranger. Na ikwento ko na before sa luma kong blog, na malapit ako sa tukso ngayon. Habang tumatagal lalong naging ma pusok ang tukso sa akin.

I don't have any comments with him, mabait siya but "guys will be always guys". I went out twice already, for dinner with our common friends. I accepted his invitation with no malice and hidden agenda, where friends thats it, the dinner was good.

Weeks ago, I noticed he wants to go out again, and again, he keeps on calling me on the phone asking to go out with him (namimihasa na ang mokong!). I already say NO for about 3 times now, coz I know what he wants.

Yeah, he wants something from me (malas nya lang, kabisado ko na ang tipo nya). Hindi man nya sabihin, nakikita ko sa kilos nya, nakikiramdam lang ako sa kanya, na biktima na ako ng tulad nya before and I learend from my mistake, I can say di na siya makakalusot sa akin ngayon.

Every friday night yun tumatawag, para mag aya lumabas, for sure tatawag yun mamayang gabi to ask again, and of course ang sagot ng adik is NO! (bahala ka na mag mahanap ng maloloko mo).

Happy na ako what i have now, and i don't want to take any risk just to have another dinner with you. Kung naging maganda lang sana ang hangarin mo sa akin, kahit araw araw taung lumabas, pero you showed me something na para hindi ako mag tiwala sayo, you did that not me.

I wrote a poem about my feelings towards him in this situation.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

19th day of the month!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


"Caregiver" -> somebody who has the principal responsibility for caring for a child or dependent adult, especially in the home.
-> a medical worker or allied health
professional who assists in the management of an illness or disability.

That's the dictionary meaning, but does it really implies to each caregiver we have? Or that meaning is just outiside the name of "caregiver".

How could we know what "caregiver" means, unless we people embrace the "real caregivers".

Mark told me about the movie by Sharon Cuneta entitled "Caregiver", Mark said, "search mo sa net, maka relate ka sa movie". I google it, and saw the trailer of the movie.

I havn't seen the full movie yet, but all I can say and sure feeling was the movie is great. There's a purpose why we should watch the movie, even I, can't wait to buy a copy of it, whether its pirated or not.

The trailer gives us a lot of clue, what's the real meaning of "being a caregiver".

Here's the full trailer of "CAREGIVER" BY: Sharon Cuneta

Monday, June 16, 2008

featured song: Summertime by New Kids on the Block

They are back, the "New Kids on the Block".
There new hit single "Summertime" boomed, and I'm so so with it. Aside from their cool latest song, I can't deny they are so hot guys! Whew! can't take my eyen on them.
The New Kids on the Block (from-L) Donnie Wahlberg, Joey McIntyre, Jordan Knight, Danny Wood and Jonathan Knight.
For this week, our featured song is Summertime by New Kids on the Block. Hope you'll gonna like, as much i like it.
Sing with adik; here's the lyrics
Spoken:Jones Beach 1988.
Do you remember,
Or should I rewind,
To that summer when you caught my eye,
I played it cool,The weather was hot,
You had the beauty and the beach on lock.
With your flip flops, half shirt, short shorts, mini skirt,
Walkin' on the beach, so pretty,You wasn't lookin' for a man,
When you saw me in the sand,
But you fell for the boy from the city.
I was like, "hey, girl, can I get your number"
I remember what you told me too,"
Don't call after ten"
But you know that I did,
'Cause I couldn't stop thinkin' 'bout you.
I think about you in the summertime,
(Oh oh)
And all the good times we had, baby,
Been a few years and I can't deny,
(Oh oh)
The thought of you still makes me crazy,
I think about you in the summertime,
(Oh oh)
I'm sittin' here in the sun with you on my mind.You're my, my summertime.
Do you remember,
I'll never forget,
Touchin' your body all soakin' wet,
The water was cool,
The feelin' was hot,
Kissin' on you while the ocean rocked.
In your strapless sundress,
Kickin' back, no stress,
As long as we was together,
'Cause we were feelin' young love,
And we couldn't get enough.
Baby, I could reminisce forever.
And now I'm like,
Hey, girl, don't you know I miss it,
And I wonder if you miss it too,
Never thought it would end 'til it did,
Now, I'm here and I can't stop thinkin' 'bout you.
I think about you in the summertime,
(Oh oh)
And all the good times we had, baby,
Been a few years and I can't deny,
(Oh oh)
The thought of you still makes me crazy,
I think about you in the summertime,
I'm sittin' here in the sun with you on my mind.
You're my, my summertime.
Spoken: Break it down.
Summer ended,
Winter started,
It got colder,
When we parted ways,
(Spoken: I like this part.)
As the seasons change.
(Spoken: Bring it forward, bring it back)
Winter melted,
Spring I felt it,
Summertime will never be the same,
(Without you. My summertime.)
My summertime.
I think about you in the summertime,
I think about you
(Oh oh)
And all the good times we had, baby,
We had babyIt's been a few years and I can't deny,
I can't deny
(Oh oh)
The thought of you still makes me crazy,
Makes me crazyI think about you in the summertime,
I'm sittin' here in the sun with you on my mind.
On my mind,
My summertime.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, oh yeah.
-scroll down to see the video-

Sunday, June 15, 2008

araw ng mga dakilang Tatay!

Happy Fathers Day!
They are the best in me
Happy to be mine
Loving them so free
You can't get them out of my mind
Never thought he would be mine, I'm just happy everytime I'll think of him. If comparing is good one thing I could say Mark is the best guy I've been with.
Now he's not just my boyfriend, his my mine.
I love you Labs

Daddy what I used to call
Really his my wall
Never said no
His always ready to go

He shaped me for who I am now, they said I got some attittude from my dad. Hapy to hear that coz my dad is the best man, he always support me in my desicions.

I never heard my dad scream at us or even get mad, the only word he would tell us "YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO", that word means a lot to me, its a shot phrase but lots of meaning.
I love you Daddy!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

"give me that broom ate!"

Ooppss, it’s not what you think. This is not child labor or forced labor (I’m doing my job here… lol), it’s just Timmy wants to help cleaning up her mess. (Is it her mess or mine? Look at my room…lolz)

“Give me that broom ate!!!” that’s the exact phrase she was yelling me, coz I don’t want to let her sweep the floor, she was very annoying, she keeps on yelling “give me that broom ate! I want to help you!”

My patience was sold out by her, this was the result:

Oh well, good job Timmy! Lolz… she always wanted to help in me cleaning up, but I’d rather not to give the broom to her sometimes coz I am in hurry, I have many chores to do before her mother (my aunt) comes home from work.

I just realized it’s a good teaching to her, so that when she grew up it’s not difficult to ask her to sweep or even clean up her mess and their house, maybe that time I am not here anymore to do it for her.

(till next tym timmy! lolz)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

celebrating 1yr of "True Friendship"

... To be honest, in my entire life ngayon ko lang nakita ang mga true friends ko, and I dont care our age gap, life style even our destination to each other.
... In my life, all people I know, my classmates, schoolmates, bystander even some friends doesn't know me, coz they always judge me. They always thought I'm a bad girl, but they don't know they are bad for judging me.
... When I met the special people in my life one year ago, I feel like I was free from judgmental world, they never judge me, they trust and believe me, all my thoughts and insights.
... The greatest thing in them is, they truly believe in me not minding our own destination, they maybe just meters away from me or even miles away from me, they still put the real friendship.
... My heart was very happy to be their friend, and my whole me are so blessed to have them, to have a circle of friends that I can surely say that they are my real friend.
... If you can't remember our friendship starts when my bloglife started, it only means its our 1st friendship anniversay.
As always, If I am happy, I put my thoughts into poems. So to my dear friends (ate, kuya, sis, bro, kapatid, bespren, pare, mare) this poem are all for you. (u know who u are my dear friend!)

True Friendship
I’ve been searching for you
Don’t know where to find you
Where have you been?
Don’t you know I’ve been waiting?

Here I am at home
Feeling so alone
You knock on my door
Considering me with no color

Nobody had a chance to glance at me
But you did it so free
No one can dare to stroke my heart
But you did, with all your heart

You gave me the trust
That will never spin into dust
I’ll seize you and loved you
Coz I found a true friend like you

happy me... "update, update"

...happy me!

... happy me coz I am celebrating my 1st year in blogging, another reason why I am happy becoz GOD gave me/us "bloggers" a good news, that for sure will make us smile.

... I admitt, isa ako sa nag worry ng husto when the bomb explode to me, that my "kuyaDOM had an accident!" I was moer affected when I knew he need to suffer more than we all know.

... I admitt, sa sobrang pag aalala, di ko na pigilan ang sarili ko to follow his recovery, I tried to talked to him and his close relatives which I did it succesfully until now.

... I constantly update my blog, when all the inccident was happening, all the new updates I gather I immidietly post it, so I can let some bloggers to be updated as I am, they where worried too, like I do.

... Every update I've recieved there's always mixed feelings, I cried, smiled and even so worried, but somehow I always look possitive that my kuyaDOM will get better so so soon. (i miss my kuya now)

... Through all the things happened, I know kuyaDOM will rise up so so soon, and I'll keep on waiting that he will shout that he is well.

"update" that makes me happy now!

...from besprenGbex, according to him:

" hey besprennnnn....nyahhahahahah, unti unti ng lumilinaw ang mg aalala ni pardner dom kaya brace yourself dahil magsisimula na naman daw kayung magkulitan to the max sa comment box nyahahahaha..."

... That's what I like to hear, I'm happy for what bespren just told me.

Am I just overeacting for all what happend? or Am I just telling what's inside here in my heart? I love my kuyaDOM, I found a true friend in him, his still my kuyaDOM whatever happens.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

365 days of blogging...

OMG! It’s my first year in blogging industry, to be exact June 10th of last year. I was so innocent how to blog, until I had my own.

The reason why I deal my self into blogging was, I was curious what’s in blogging why my aunt and her colleges are keep on posting their where abouts in life. Then I finally got my first post, if I’m not mistaken my first entry was “How did I love reading and writing” (sad to say I can’t link my first post).

From then, all my thoughts where coming in and out in my mind, I can still remember I used to write drafts first in a sheet of paper, 2-3 entries and post them in specific dates. And my post was so formal coz that time all my readers where my co-bloggers, who where my aunt and her friends.

As my bloglife goes on and on, I gradually meet new friends who are blog addicts too
, from simple comments to their post, I found true friend in them. I called them Ate, Kuya, Sis, Bro, Kapatid, Bespren (you know who you are guys). I do value them, care and love them.

The sad part is, my original blog was down and all my post from the start where there, dunno if I can still restore my post over the year.

But as what I said to my last post “bloglife must go on…” another 365 days of challenge in my bloglife, let’s get the blog days rollin’.
Let’s get refresh our minds, what my blog looks like at the first up to present and even the caption of my blog.

I had to change my layout twice before I got stuck on my last blog design.

Here’s my ever first layout:

This was last year of June, that was my blog looks like. And teh title of my blog was Ka-Talk, Ka-Text, Ka-Chat.

...Hmmm, I don’t have any photo of my second layout, it was pink very feminine. And I change my blog title as I change the layout it was “Beauty is the eye of the beholder”.

The last design of my blog before it was down and where I totally stuck on it, was color blue with the best header I had, with the picture of ME, my son KIRK and my hubby MARKO in the upper right side. I am thankful to my dear friend in blogging who made it just for me, and sorry again, I don’t have chance to take a picture before it was all gone. I change again my title: “Vera talk’s life away from love ones”.


I thought I’m gonna leave my bloglife there forever, but I was wrong. Recently, I had my baby blog for some reasons. And here how it looks like, and as I create my new blog I created my new blog name, “Vera and her addicts” I change my nick too, from VERA to VERADIK.

New atmosphere here in but still the atmosphere of being VERA never changed.


Monday, June 9, 2008

blogLife must go on...

... ayun, nag simula na ako sa aking bagong blog.

... Suppose to be I will not make another blog, kaso di tlga ata ako mabubuhay pag wlang blog e, I was thinking kasi they can fix my blog ASAP, but still my blog was down.

... I had a hard time thinking and finalize my desicion to make my own blog, without their knowledge, my co-bloggers in, Im not a traitor, it's just I cant leave without blogging now. I know they will understand why I decided to make my own blog here, so called

... I'll be continuing my bloglife here, though, if my will be okay, i finally choose to stay and post here regularly but i'll keep on updating my older blog.

... Hahayzzzz, bloglife must go on!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

yeah guys! im still here...

Hey hey! Im still here...

I thought I can stay away from blogging, damned! I can't. Here I am struggling, making new account.

It's not my intention to be away from blogging for how many days now, I was gone because our mother blog ( was "down" and so, my blog was affected too until now. Since I am not the main author I can't solve what's going on, all I have is to wait until they can fix it.

Waiting for so long, makes me bored. Everybody knows that only blogging are my ways to get rid boredoms. And yes, I am bored now, so so so bored.

Though I dont have any idea how to start, make my own account in "wordpress" where I belong, I tried "blogspot", I'm still in my baby stage here, (nangangapa sa dilim) trying to make the perfect outlook of my new blog.

Welcome guys,

Feel at home, ako parin to si "-vErA-" nag iba man ako ng bahay, nang pangalan, even the concept of blog still the "-vErA-" you always knew are still the same.

My thoughts are same, ako prin yung "senti" "emo" "makulit" "maingay" and all the things you knew about me, -vErA- never changed.

I hope you'll support me here, like you all guys support my

Kita kits tayo dito... sa ----->>>>>>>
... add nyu na ako sa blogroll nyu -vErAdiK-